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Martial Arts


 Martial arts or combat sports?One of the questions is most frequently asked to me (especially at the beginning of the path) is if are better M.A. or C.S.

Martial arts or combat sports?
One of the questions is most frequently asked to me (especially at the beginning of the path) is if  are better M.A. or C.S.One of the questions is most frequently asked to me (especially at the beginning of the path) is if  are better M.A. or C.S.
This question does not make much sense to me, because they are different things.
An important consideration to make is that I do not think one is better than the other but they’re just different, they’re trained in a different way, they express themselves and give their best in different places and situations and what I get from them is different, but they’re both to be practiced.
Traditionally, in a  Esoteric Martial Art path, the starting point was what we now call Combat Sport, and it was taught to children from 4 to 7 years old (the age at which it develops the emotional body, essential for a practice Martial Esoteric).
From eight years old  they usually began to study M.A.
In modern times, unfortunately, M.A and C.S. are like two opposite worlds.
Those who practice the M.A. usually believe that fighting (sparring) is not important, they almost  refuse to do sparring, believing the M.A. is more like a philosophy of not fighting. (This philosophy exist of course, but belongs to the devotees and not to the warriors).
Otherwise, most of those who practice C.S. believe that M.A.  are not effective and not very applicable in real life. 
Who’s right? Both and neither.
If we view them as  separated worlds they could be both right. But if we see them as part of the same world, where one needs the other to grow, where one is the continuation of the other to be completed, then, neither is right.
The most important Master I’ve had in this life told me  "first you must learn streetfighting" , then you can learn how to fight properly.  if you’re not able to streetfight you can not learn to fight at all.
then learn the esoteric part.
Assembling  all together  you’ll have an Esoteric M.A.
1) Streetfighting - sport- muscles
2) Fighting- M.A. - tendons
3) Esotericism- energy - meridians chakras
4) Esoteric Martial Art  - Fighting with the meridians and chakras
If you begin a journey with me, if you have never practiced C.S., I recommend doing it for at least 6 months or 1 year as a starting point.
This period of practice is useful to learn an arsenal (punches, kicks, elbows, knees ...), the angles of attack, to develop the attitude to take and give hits without changing my mood and mental .. After a period of learning a new path can begin because there are the bases on which  M.A.  can stand on.
I believe essential  starting practicing C.S., but I think they are not an ending point.
...... End of part 1......

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