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Martial Arts


 This difference lies in a combination: Victory or Defeat - Life or Death. For me these two pairs are the largest and most important difference.

Second part
Victory / Defeat Life / Death
There are several differences between the two disciplines (Martial Arts and Combat Sports) but there’s one  I think is the primary, the most important, what really makes me a warrior or athlete, that really makes me understand the martial art and combat sport.
This difference lies in a combination: Victory or Defeat  - Life or Death. 
For me these two pairs are the largest and most important difference. 
When two athletes prepare for a meeting they know that they can win or lose, hit the opponent and be hit, but they know that, in the end,  they both will return home to their loved ones.
They know that the death of one of the two contenders  is a chance, an accident, not the rule.
In a martial clash for one of them this life will surely end there! 
One of them  will not come back home to his loved ones, for one of the two opponent "future" doesn’t exist.
For me this combination (Life / Death) is the first difference between a warrior and a practitioner of C.S., because it changes completely the mental and the emotional approach, and, therefore, everything else.
A M.A. that doesn’t start from this combination, in my opinion, is not a real M.A. 
To make an example of the difference between sports or M.A.,  it’s like a football match decided on penalties, but, in wich, if the keeper saved the penalty  the player who has kicked is killed, if the striker marks the goalkeeper is shot to dead.
The mental and emotional pressure that exists in the two protagonists is the basis of  the M.A. even a World Cup final doesn’t create a similar pressure.
The activity (if you can call it) that most closely reflect   this feeling is gambling, bet everything I own in a snap,  become rich or lose everything. (This feeling of adrenaline is one of the things that lead to addiction gamblers)
Each warrior decides what to  fight for,
for money, for an idea, to defend the weak, for the loved ones .......
But in reality he does not decide what is worth fighting for,
but for something is worth dying for.
Choose your battles!
Choose what to Die for!

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