We put our best effort on delivering distance courses. Everyone is able to learn the SFI method by enrolling in our courses, and keep track of his personal progress.




1 . Video  tutorial (coming from the Study Group in Turin)

2.  Lives of our Workshops and Seminars

3.  Educational books

4. Educational videos

5. Personal online consulting


6. Participation in one / two Workshops or Seminars to assess and deepen the program




The course allows anyone (from beginners to experts) to start practicing the basics of the SFI system without coping with transfers to participate to our lessons on place. The method works both for single person and groups, located anywhere in the World. Each student will have to participate to Seminars, only in the second phase, in such a way to optimize time and money.


The course is developed in three phases:


1. Start studing points 1-2-3-4-5 of the program (see course structure for further details)


2. When the level of knowledge is sufficient, students must participate to one or two seminars dedicated to the program they are studying. In these meetings, each student, if deemed able, can take the exam for the Senior Degree


3. Once the Senior Degree has been obtained, each student can access the SFI Instructor training courses and his going to be granted the possibilit of already starting a SFI Study Group, in his own city, with the qualification of Assistant.

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